Tim Carr

2017: Frames Unframed

All of the talks filmed at TEDxJIS 2017: Frames Unframed are available on the official TEDx YouTube channel. Scroll down to view the videos.

Event details

This event occurred on February 4, 2017 9:30am – 1:30pm WIB (UTC +7hrs).

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Frames Unframed is all about exploring new perspectives and escaping from our comfort zone to tackle some big issues that our society faces. Our conference entertained talks from a wide spectrum of disciplines — ranging from the sciences to the arts and environment to humanities, accompanied by a musical performance by a student group.

Here is a recap of the 2017 Frames Unframed Event.

License – TEDx event page

Details about our TEDx license can be found on the official event page for TEDxJIS 2016: Chain Reaction on TED.com. Click here to head to the official event page.

Talks – official YouTube playlist

Browse the YouTube playlist below to view all of the talks presented at TEDxJIS 2017: Frames Unframed.