2018: Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths PROPortioned -07

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Information about the speakers


Steve Clark

A self–confessed sports lover and proud Aussie, Steve Clark is the High School Principal of Jakarta Intercultural School. His 34 years in education has been a rich and wondrous journey of professional and personal learning across six continents, working with an incredibly wide range of students from early elementary through to university graduates. His talk, Catalysts at the Crossroads: Making Mindful Connections, will be about how “Throughout our lifetime we experience natural interactions with other people who have a potential wealth of important lessons to teach us, but do we really make the most of these opportunities?” Every person has a story to tell and thus a lesson to teach. Our life journeys will allow us to cross paths with some amazing people who are rich in their potential to help you transform your own beliefs, attitudes, tendencies and understanding for the better. Steve Clark will share his learnings about how he learned, over time, to make mindful connections with delightfully ordinary people who became his catalysts for change. He will also share his concerns about the potential impact of social media to diminish the power of these interactions.

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Cipta Croft-Cusworth

Cipta Croft-Cusworth is a JIS graduate. As a film director, author, theme park designer and toy maker, Cipta (39) is an artist born of two cultures, Indonesian and English.  After losing his father at a young age Cipta began to delve in the dark arts of black magic and ‘Tenaga Dalam.’ He has since returned to the lighter side of life with many a boon to share. His talk, The Sustainability of Youthful Vision through Playtime with Toys will be about how “Toys have always been synonymous with playtime, but what if there is more to playtime with toys than meets the eye?” Imagination is what separates humans from other creatures on Earth. Playtime with toys is what often separates childhood from adulthood in humans. He describes the importance of playtime with toys believing that it is a key to unlocking many secrets about ourselves and the universe.


Timo Fukar

An athlete, running enthusiast, and passionate drummer, Timo Fukar is a 17-year-old compassionate student who balances sports, academics, and musical endeavors. A second year International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate, he is hoping for a career in working at  a multinational company, whilst continuing to pursue the active lifestyle. His talk, Limits of The Experience Bubble, will be about “Are we ever the best version of ourselves? How can the development of one’s craft be developed if the comfort zone is not experimented with?” He takes you through his journey of realizing the different competitive calibers that exist in running around the world, motivating him to go past his limits.


Joshua Giddens

Joshua Giddens was born in San Francisco, but has lived 23 years of his life in Africa and has taught history and social studies in Jakarta for the past six years. He is an avid reader, enjoys rugby, watercolor painting, and cooking. His talk, Bored? Lonely? Play a game!, will be about “The world of technology and social media was supposed to bind people together, but people are increasingly turning to a different source of entertainment and finding community there as well: games.” If you have fond memories of playing LIFE, Cluedo, or Candyland as a child, or are a fan of Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, Cards against Humanity or Warhammer, you are not alone! The games industry is growing at a remarkable rate, and the human interaction and sense of community that results from playing these (fun) games is the reason.


Gabriella Gwen

An avid service-oriented musician looking to pursue an education in finance, marketing and operations, Gabriella hopes to encourage people to use their passion to develop creative ways to enrich the global community. She has established her own NGO, performed in Carnegie Hall, released her own album, and advocates for hidden voices of the community. Her talk, Uncovering Hidden Voices: Empowering through Music, will be about “Have you ever felt like you’d like to contribute to the society through your passion, but don’t know how?” It’s a misconception that helping the society solely involves donating money. Gabriella Gwen exemplifies her creative method of aid through music while illustrating the power of passion in creating a greater impact.


Moses Mayer

A 15-year-old Junior, fascinated by economics, mathematics, and computer science, Moses Mayer believes that maths has no problems; it only creates solutions. He has participated and won awards in multiple international and national mathematics competitions and currently seeks to pursue computer science competitively. His talk, How Game Theory can be used to solve Indonesia’s Pollution Epidemic, will be mainly about “When a baffling dilemma seems just too complicated to solve, try the game-theory approach for simple steps leading to great decisions.” Too often in life, the best solutions remain invisible or buried beneath confusion and inaction. Applying game-theory techniques may pave the way for these hidden gems and make decision-making easier than before. He proposes a method for approaching the vast problem of pollution in Indonesia through a novel technique.


Gwen Muljono

Calm, determined and creative, Gwen is an 18-year-old graduating IB senior, an aspiring artist who is passionate about inspiring and making a positive impact to the hearing impaired community in Indonesia and beyond through her own life journey, experience, dedication and her artworks. She believes that every individual with hearing impairment deserves the chance to reach his or her fullest potential in life. Her talk, The Gift of Imperfection, will be about “Is it your choice to be born imperfect? How do we look beyond the imperfections and embrace it to become strength that would take us to even greater heights?” Have you ever wondered what it is like to have an imperfection? How can that imperfection be turned into a ‘gift’, you may ask. Join her as she shares about her extraordinary effort to turn adversity into opportunity, inspiring many people along the way.


Vivian Ng

Vivian strives to make her mark at JIS by leading the High School with confidence, compassion and innovation. Her passion for all her interests, from sports to student council and everything in between, has helped her grow into the leader she is today. Her talk, The Missing Leaders–Leading as a Teenage Girl, will be about “Girls are equally capable of managing leadership roles as boys are, so where are the teenage leaders at JIS?” Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) strives to graduate progressive and critical-minded students. Yet, even with these progressive mindsets, does gender inequality exist in the school? After all, where are the female student council leaders?


Jennifer Osborne

Jennifer Osborne. She is currently a High School english teacher at JIS. Through her evolution as an educator, Jennifer Osborne takes us on a journey of her discovery of self-directed learning and the power it has to change the face of traditional education. She challenges students to take responsibility for their own learning while asking parents and educators to become the support guide they need. Her talk, If You Could Learn Anything, What Would You Learn?, will be about “Self-directed learning places students directly in the center of their own educational experience and invites educators to support and guide their journeys.” Through her evolution as an educator, Jennifer Osborne takes us on a journey of her discovery of self-directed learning and the power it has to change the face of traditional education. She challenges students to take responsibility for their own learning while asking parents and educators to become the support guide they need.


Natasha Sondakh

16-year-old Natasha Sondakh is a published poet, journalist and translator who constantly seeks meaningful conversations. A global citizen with her heart in philanthropy, she hopes to pursue an education in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as well as publish her own poetry anthology. With her talk The Art of Literary Translation, she explores Indonesia and the role of literature in influencing people’s lives. Her talk will be about “If Indonesia’s beauty can be unlocked through its literature, why have we kept it a mystery?” Indonesia dwells on the philosophy of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: unity in diversity. Yet, many foreigners who want to understand this country’s unique culture are unable to due to an evident language barrier. Natasha Sondakh explores Indonesia and the role of literature in influencing people’s lives.


Wesley Trisnadi

Wesley Trisnadi is a 16-year old JIS student with a passion for various art forms, such as filmmaking, graphic-designing, and acting. Wesley alongside his sister was born with synesthesia and is looking forward to the many adventures life gives. His talk, Life through the Eyes of a Synesthete, will be mainly about “Have you ever smelled colors? Or perhaps tasted musical notes? Or maybe your mind generates its own colors that are unrecognizable in the visible spectrum?” What if he told you, the senses in the human mind are able to entwine at the same time, forming a neurological sensation in the mind. What if he told you, smelling music or seeing personality and colors in letters, is an actual phenomenon majority of the world aren’t aware of. Born with grapheme-color synesthesia, JIS high schooler, Wesley Trisnadi, shares and describes what life is like from the perspective of a synesthete.