More highlights on TEDxJISSalon: Women in Leadership

This is a continuation from the previous highlights of TEDxJISSalon: Women in Leadership where it is only about the panelists.

The first panel discussion was held by Erin McKee and Meilyn Tan regarding their balancing act in terms of responsibility of education and communication. An audience member asked, “What is the definition of having it all?” The answer was, “It depends. It depends on where your vision of success comes from. Don’t abandon having that vision of success when others tell you to do so. Instead, be driven from what others think because it should be you, making the decisions.”

Highlights from TEDxJISSalon: Women in Leadership speakers

9 a.m. Everyone is excited to see what they will be receiving after the Salon. As more and more people entered the room, the more smiles were spread across their faces. Finally, the moment for the Salon to begin; everyone took their seats on the grey sofas and the Salon officially began with some introductory words by Sanghyeon Cheon.

The first speaker was Erin McKee, who spoke after watching a TED talk by Anne-Marie Slaughter which was called “Can we all “have it all”?” What stood out the most to the audience was when she said, “To all the women out there, you can be an amazing leader; that is available for you. You need to set your goals and work hard. But you have to decide, what is the most important right now? You have to make the choices but be happy with the consequences that you get.”

TEDxJISSalon: Women in Leadership

The Salon will be held on October 7, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This event promises to be a series of lively discussions about the experiences of the participants in leadership positions. Discussions will focus on girls in student council, the complex topic of intersectionality, and the “unexpected heroes” who demonstrate the crucial roles of women in crisis response.

Recap on TEDxJIS: Frames Unframed

Sweaty palms, somber chatter, a coffee break. And then, the speakers took a deep breath and sat down on the grey chairs. The white light dimmed and the spotlight illuminated the signature red TED carpet, accompanied by the stringed fairy lights that draped against the walls of Jakarta Intercultural School’s Melati Theater on February 4th, 2017. Jaewon Sim, director of TEDxJIS, stood by the podium and opened the event with heartfelt words and a captivating voice.

“The theme “Frames Unframed” could not be any more relevant when in the last two years, we have witnessed so many cases of bigotry and the rise of divisive rhetoric. This conference is about encouraging the youth to think outside the box” said Jaewon SIm. “This is where we escape from our comfort zone for a while and learn to un-stereotype and tackle some of the big issues of our society from brand new perspectives. TEDxJIS is also about science, humanitarian aid and so many other topics, too. TEDxJIS Conferences have always been — and will always be — the platform for the free exchange of ideas of different disciplines, and the annual gathering for this city’s forward thinkers.”