Tim Carr

Recap on TEDxJIS: Frames Unframed

The room was decorated with multiple rows of chairs along with a plethora of banners that guided guests through the cafeteria and into the theater. JIS teachers, alumni, and visitors came to engage in fervent talks and share their personal experiences with one another.

TEDxJIS: Frames Unframed was the third annual TEDxJIS conference, which took place on Feb. 4, 2017. The venue was in Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) at the Melati Theater.

This event involved presentations, videos, and discussions all about exploring multi-perspectives and escaping from our comfort zones to a more perplexed situation.

The scene became quiet as attendees rested their chins on their palms, listening intently to Advaith Suresh’s careful words. As the presentation became more ardent, attendees started to nod their heads and ask questions for further discussion.

“Does the conventional checklist satisfy you?” asked Prithika Madhavan. The list you make is almost like a method, you follow things to do on the list step by step for your whole life. But does this really make you happy? Make you understand your value? Her words received bobbing heads, furrowing brows.

At the end of the conference, audiences and speakers finished their day with free food and a bag of presents. People who were very impressed by the talk got the chance to discuss more with the speakers one on one. As for the TEDx team, they received many positive feedbacks and expectations from the attendees for our next annual event.

See photos from TEDxJIS: Frames Unframed here.

This article was originally written by Mengzhen Lian and has been edited by Claudia Mak.