Recap on TEDxJISSalon: Checkpoints 2

Multicolored sofas and a plethora of banners guided guests — JIS teachers, alumni, and visitors who wanted to share their personal experiences with one another — through the gates of the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) Fine Arts Theater foyer.

TEDxJISSalon: Checkpoints 2, was another mini-conference held in anticipation for the main TEDxJIS event scheduled for February 4th, 2017.

Note: Registration for TEDxJIS 2017: Frames Unframed opens at 8:00 AM on December 1st, 2016. Refer to the “Attend” page of our website for more details and ticketing link.

Chronologically, the itinerary of the event mirrored that of the first TEDxJISSalon that took place on August 27th, 2016. Checkpoints 2 commenced with Sandra Aamodt’s TEDTalk and a discussion on dietary habits.

The scene became quiet as people rested their chins on their palms, listening intently to Simran Nanwani and Ilaria Garrett’s words. As the discussion became more ardent, attendees — attempting to broadcast their own opinions or ask questions — started raising their hands.

“Some people are realistic, that’s good. But some people are dreamers. The world also needs dreamers,” said Piotr Jakubowski. Jakubowski was a dreamer himself; he tried many different careers, and this had led him to become the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Go-Jek. His words received bobbing heads, furrowing brows.

After a short coffee break, the next session began with a teleconference. In Bali sat two JIS alumni running an environmentally friendly shoe company, Indosole. Their presentation began, and a subtle color scheme greeted the drooping eyes of attendees. Kai Paul, the Vice President of Indosole, demonstrated how their company transformed wasted tires into well-designed shoes.

Amit Khanna, a JIS biology teacher, and his wife Lane Graciano, an English teacher, led another discussion during the Salon’s final minutes. The session revolved around the idea of being multicultural and multi-local.

To wrap up the Salon, Khanna connected his session to the JIS United Nations day: one of the school’s most highly-anticipated events and an opportunity for individuals from different cultural background to share their experiences with their friends, family members and colleagues. He ended the Salon with a question, “Where are you a local?”, sending attendees home with insightful thoughts and leaving an open-ended conclusion to Checkpoints 2.

See photos from TEDxJISSalon: Checkpoints 2 here.

This article was originally written by Mengzhen Lian and has been edited by Natasha Sondakh and Jaewon Sim.

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