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April 2018 News

Our next TEDxJISSalon, The Artist Inside, will be happening on April 7. Who are the speakers and performers? Read more to find out.

Our news updates give you a peek at what’s new behind the scenes at TEDxJIS. You can also watch a presentation from one of our previous annual conferences and our favorite talks from the TED site.

Register for TEDxJIS Salon: The Artist Inside

How does an idea inside an artist’s head become a creation worth sharing? Join us for our next TEDxJIS Salon, where a visual artist, a photographer, a filmmaker, and a trio of musicians will shed some light on the creative process. Join us for TEDxJIS Salon: The Artist Inside, to be held at JIS on April 7, 2018. Space is limited to the first 50 registrations, so book your seat now!

What They Say About Us

It was also worth noting that the participants came from all corners of Jakarta and its satellite cities, providing a meeting point for youngsters in the big city to interact with one another. Through their presentations, the participants sought to expand the audience members’ minds, demonstrating how we could look at everyday issues from an angle we have never considered before.

Uniknya, TEDxJIS selalu konsisten memberikan kesempatan bagi para murid, para alumni dan guru buat ngasih presentasi dalam konferensi. Nggak cuma itu, para murid yang udah diseleksi juga berperan menyiapkan acara yang dengan amat rapi. Ditunggu konferensi selanjutnya TEDxJIS!

TEDxJIS menampilkan visioner-visioner muda yang membawakan berbagai topik menarik. Tidak hanya menyorot mengenai perkembangan dunia teknologi, hiburan dan desain tapi juga isu seputar lingkungan, wisata, kesenian, hingga kemanusiaan.